MUDRammer - A Modern MUD Client

A Modern MUD Client for iPhone and iPad focused on speed, readability, and flexibility.

MUDs — Multi-User Dungeons — are online multiplayer text-based games. There are thousands of them online today, set in fantasy, medieval, Sci-Fi, absurdist, and many other worlds.

MUDRammer has first-class support for blind and low-vision users, recognized as an AppleVis Editorial Pick for October 2013 and earning a Golden Apple nomination!

Check out the MUDRammer Knowledge Base and feedback forum.

ANSI color rendering

Full ANSI color rendering in all orientations.

Triggers, Tickers, Aliases, and Gags

Automate with Triggers, Tickers, Aliases, and Gags.

Unlimited command history.

Unlimited command history.

Full font family and size control.

Full font family and size control.

Add your own connections or use one of the defaults.

Quickly add your own connections or try one of the included defaults.

Choose one of nineteen delicious themes!

Make MUDRammer your own with one of nineteen delicious themes.